Beef Calf Parts Liver

baby calves who are boys and provide heart, tongue, liver, brains, kidney, and full body for you.  these may come frozen from this product inventory.  if you want FRESH look for that separate individual product for each item.

FROZEN product

the liver is $20/lb, the one i got was about 1.5 lbs up to 2 lbs. see pictures, it was yummy.

the tongue is 10$,  probably a pound or under he says

the heart is 12$, probably a pound or so he says.

heart and tongue pictures from stock photos.  liver is real photo from my kitchen.

kidney available as well.  10$ for the pack of 2 about .75 lbs

brains when available are 30 for them. 

the rest of the bull calf into 4 to 6 large cuts, frozen,

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