Chicken - Corn & Soy Free - Breast Bone In

Chicken - Corn & Soy Free - Breast Bone In

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new new new - Oct 2021

birds are SOY and CORN free organic fed.  (that means NO corn and NO soy in their diet)

I expect the whole birds to be under 7 lbs. 

I am offering Small and Large bird orders (under 4, and under 7), as well as all the parts and pieces fresh here.  Remember - you pay for 7, but if it ships at 5, you get credit back.  if it ships over 7 lbs, you pay the difference that way too.

1$/lb more than just soy free birds.

butchering FRESH in October

 brined in a salt bath for a few days (very mild, helps with flavor and retention of moisture)

$8 / lb for whole brined FRESH chicken - (does not come with any innards - heart, liver, gizzard for sale under the regular product, frozen)

breast Boneless - 14 (about 2 lbs)

breast Bone in - 11 (charging about 2 lbs)

tenderloin - 20 (charging 1 lb, we'll see)

wings - 7 (charging for 2 lbs)

leg thigh combo - 9 (charging for 2 lbs)

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