Chicken FRESH - Whole Birds - Cornish Cross

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Yes.  These are the chickens we saw at farm day in the yard pens.  How awesome is that!

FRESH Butchered this weekend, lightly brined for a few days to retain moisture, texture, and add juicyness with flavor to the chicken. you can brine again if you like

THIS PRODUCT - is Fresh (if you want frozen, use the other product (just regular chicken)


cornish cross birds are white fat, raised to be eaten younger, have larger breasts, different flavor than the freedom rangers.  they are a current market type of meat chicken, but we found the freedom ranger birds offered better flavor.  there are limited available of these to try.

cluck cluck, chicken that is soy free, running around outside, on pasture after 4 weeks of age in portable pens. Laying hens are fed organic soy free food and are let out on pasture roaming except for winter months. Packs are close to under 5 lbs to 6 lbs.

$6 / lb for whole brined FRESH chicken - charging 6 or 8 lbs temporary weight

these are running 5.5 to 6.5 lbs.  but some as big as 8, and others under 4.  MAKE NOTE ON YOUR ORDER WHAT SIZE YOU"D PREFER

(does not come with any innards - heart, liver, gizzard for sale under the regular product, frozen)

boneless breast 13,

bone-in breast 10,

tenderloin 18,

wings 6,

leg thigh 8,

carcass 5, 

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