Chocolate Bar - Cherry Blossom White Chocolate

Chocolate Bar - Cherry Blossom White Chocolate

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roughly 40% cacao Cherry Blossom White Chocolate

made with cherry, rose, and vanilla!

white chocolate technically has no CACAO, but it is made with cacao butter.  all butters added to chocolate count towards the percentage.  example, milk chocolate might have 15% cacao for flavor, but 35% of the cacao butter for texture.

hershey's bars have 15% total... the rest of the mouth feel and texture is made with cheap palm oil and other stabilizers. 

high dark chocolate bars like 72% single origins, are not made with 72% cacao only, that would be... like eating ground up bark.  it has to have the cacao butters in there to make it sort of smooth and creamy enough to be a chocolate bar.

New Chocolate Bars being offered by River Sea out of Chantilly VA.

All Hand-Made with more love than you can carry a sloth with.

River Sea imported their beans from South America on a Sail Boat!

Pricing includes the packing / shipping / delivery of wholesome nova to come with your regular weekly dairy order.

This is not your mamma's chocolate.  This is custom artisan bars.  If you'd like to know more, give me a shout!  If there is a huge success with their bars, I would like to host a Wholesome Nova party at their chocolate factory in Chantilly... you can actually make your own bars!  Organic beans and materials.  % is the amount of Cacao (higher percentage, the "darker" the bar).

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