new process for 2021 late orders.  please read below if you are interested in a late order (missed cut off Sunday night at 8 PM -- the date selector is not available in the calendar) 

late orders are going to be a 20% charge for any order under 100, with a minimum of $10 (up to $50 orders), for any orders over $100 I will apply a flat rate of $20.

to place a late order, you must buy this $100 deposit so that it covers the order and late fee this will not only cover the fee but also cover a pre-paid deposit into your store credit account.  after the cost of your order is placed, the remaining balance is yours for future orders.

buy this item, then email me the products you wish to have, quantity, and drop site so that i may enter the order on your behalf.

as noted last year, late orders are a manual process that requires entering your order by hand and calling it into the farm.  not all parts of late orders can be completed, due to how the fresh dairy is calculated.  oftentimes frozen meats can be added if they are in stock.  

my biggest issue with late orders is tracking down the money.  some members are great about paying properly while others i have to track down the cash.  this new system is hoping to remedy that! 

to ensure your late order gets in, i'll need you to buy this Late Order Fee of $100.  

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