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Hello! Are you seeking fresh, nutrient-dense foods for your family? Welcome to Wholesome NOVA, where we cultivate a private membership farm-to-individual relationship.

We proudly cater to the North Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas with weekly pickups. To place an order, kindly join our membership here.

Pickups are scheduled for Thursdays for most Maryland drops and Fridays for Virginia.

The ordering window spans from Friday Afternoon to Sunday Night.

We do not accept late orders.

If you can't find an item's "add to cart" button, please ensure you're signed in and have an active membership.

Similarly, if you don't see a product's "quantity" selector, ensure you're signed in and have an active membership.

If the checkout calendar doesn't display a date, you might be trying to order at the wrong time of the week. Please revisit us during the weekend.

Main Categories

Main Categories

Main Categories

  • A2 casein protein tested cows, eating only grasses all year long, never grain finished, never anti biotics, never a harsh life, milked once a day for highest nutritional benefits and highest fat content
  • grass, fresh, field, organic grass
  • solar and wind powered clothes dryer between barn and home, give into the easy life
  • wide open amish country days, limited power, driven by diesel and propane off the grid
  • sun soaked garden with bird houses
  • laying hens and chickens running around free in the field to eat Soy Free grain, fresh ground well water, bugs, grass, flowers, plants, just life and enjoy