FAQs for Wholesome NOVA Membership:

  1. Pick-Up Schedule: Orders are available for pick-up on Thursdays and Fridays.  You select the date based on the drop site location.

  2. Ordering Timeframe: Orders can be placed between Friday afternoons until Sunday night, with a cutoff at midnight.

  3. Pick-Up Times: Pick-up times vary depending on the drop site numbers and delivery times. The first drop site is usually available by 10 AM, and the last by 4 PM. Site hosts keep pick-up coolers available until around 8 PM.

  4. Product Trial: Membership is necessary to access products. Multiple membership options are available to meet different needs.

  5. Upgrading Membership: Memberships cannot be directly upgraded. You'll complete the current term and then sign up again for a different term.

  6. Weights of Products: Products are sold at estimated weights, and differences are credited or charged accordingly after delivery. This process may take a week or more.

  7. Out of Stock Items: Members are provided store credit for any out-of-stock items that are not available at pick up.

  8. Issues with Products: If any product seems off, refunds are provided via store credit.  You must email us your order confirmation and possibly pictures to review and approve credit.

  9. Terms and Conditions Acknowledgment: Acknowledgment of the terms and conditions is necessary for membership.

  10. Membership Duration: Membership options include yearly, quarterly, and monthly periods, all set to renew automatically unless canceled.

  11. Late Cancellation and Ordering Issues: Rapid cancellation after signup may lead to ordering issues and additional fees.  Please wait 48 hours to cancel the recurring membership subscription.

  12. Order Processing After Cut-Off: Orders placed after the cut-off will not be processed or honored; a store credit refund will be issued minus processing fees.

  13. No Late Orders or Late Pickups: Late orders and pickups are not available.

  14. Site Host Responsibilities: Members must respect site hosts' properties and responsibilities.

  15. Substitutions: No substitutions are allowed.  Do not take anything that is not yours.

  16. Understanding Membership: Any dispute regarding membership conditions might lead to a lack of membership privileges without refund.

  17. Troubleshooting Technical Issues: Technical issues related to late orders, membership, or cancellation should be resolved before disputing payments.

  18. Email Newsletter Subscription: Subscribing to our email newsletters is crucial for receiving critical updates and information about your membership. Failure to maintain an email subscription may result in missing essential notifications and updates regarding membership details and any changes. Please ensure that your email subscription is active to stay informed about the latest developments and announcements.