Missing an item? Contact Us Here

if you are missing an item, i hope you have followed the handbook rules first by looking more closely around your drop site.  send an email to the google group and check facebook private page.  sometimes a missing item is because none of them shipped that week.  sometimes it is because the item you ordered became out of stock during packing.  sometimes it is from packing / delivery / pick up user error. 

in any case, please fill out this form and include some information such as - your order number, the pick up date, your drop site, and what you were missing.  i will review the delivery packing list and get back to you if it was a stock issue.  you will of course receive store credit for any item not received due to farm / deliver / drop site errors. 

we ask any members who mistakenly pick up items which are not theirs (happens sometimes with mix up of dairy sizes or types), to coordinate getting the items switched back with the other member, or via the drop site location.

i just set this form up in June 2020, so please be patient as i figure out if it is working or not together.  thanks! morgan