About Us and Your Farm

hello! a little about us -

wholesome nova is a membership driven farm to consumer private direct buying club community, with a focus on family, nature, health, and sustainable organic farming practices.

we offer 100% grass fed pastured raised fresh raw milk, raw A2 or raw A2/A2 milk from cow, sheep, and goat. we also provide the same quality of truly pastured animals for beef, goat, and lamb meats too. the milk herd is A2 casein protien tested and fresh from the farm to your fridge. only the highest standards of cleanliness and testing are used to retain the milk's quality. our dairy farm uses all of the milk for various homemade items such as raw butter, raw cream, raw yogurt, raw cheese, and raw kefirs. our grass fed animals are at pasture all year long and when stuck inside from the snow, only offered 100% organic natural hay and grasses. 

we are not a grass-fed then grain finished, type of farm family. the animals are raised humanely and healthily without any antibiotics or growth hormones. it is all organic the way nature intended. the farm is run by a single amish family, and wholesome nova is the primary source of income for our farmer.

our poultry, whether it be from chicken, eggs, duck, and turkey, is always given a soy free grain mix. the birds are also raised on fresh grass pasture in the open air with sun, rain, bugs, and dirt to play in.

the pork pigs enjoy an easy life drinking raw milk, eating fresh scraps, and resting in the breeze.

many other products are available as well, from traditional ice cream to flavorful kombuchas. homemade bread, pork lard fried chips, beet kvass, sauerkrauts, and even customer artisian chocolates are available.

wholesome nova delivers to the maryland and north virginia areas once a week. ordering is simple and easy with online processing.

if you are interested in a membership with wholesome nova to order farm fresh products, please go here.

Any questions? reach out to me directly - morgan@wholesomenova.com