Wholesome NOVA LLC Membership Terms and Conditions


HE/SHE is aware that Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, milk, or eggs may increase my risk of food-borne illness, especially if I have a medical condition.

HE/SHE is NOT aware of any medical condition that would prevent them or their family from eating or using raw, unprocessed or natural foods, including but not limited to raw milk from grass based dairy or other raw dairy foods, from goats, sheep, cattle etc.

HE/SHE agrees to this Disclaimer-Indemnity Clause:  WholesomeNOVA membership is for educated Citizens, who desire to and are pursuing their God given, inalienable Rights, and/or are pursuing their own happiness, guaranteed by both the federal and state constitutions, and/or are seeking a better quality of life.

HE/SHE certifies to have personally researched/studied and understands and agrees that there are inherent risks in growing, raising, selling, sharing, cooking and eating raw foods, including raw milk, raw cream, raw butter, raw yogurt, kefir and cheese etc., yet I still want to get food as close to nature as possible.

HE/SHE is not acting under color of law to entrap, hurt, prosecute, or otherwise trespass/and/or and gather information for any agency, corporation, person or other entity to in any way negatively affect the WholesomeNOVA Association, its board of directors, members or its farmers.

THEREFORE: Each party hereby fully indemnifies the other parties of any wrongdoing, that may arise from their interaction with WholesomeNOVA LLC including its president, board of directors and contractors, private farmer members, other community members or guests.