Wholesome NOVA LLC Membership Terms and Conditions



You / He / She / They / The Agreement Party - acknowledges that this is a PRIVATE SALE of items directly from vendors to customers for all services, food, and goods.  No Products are intended for resale.  No Products are to be put into the commercial or Public distribution food supply.  The Products on this site are NOT FOR COMMERCE in any State.  Customers assume responsibility and take receipt of the products directly from vendors upon purchase. The packing, storage, drop, shipment, refrigeration, convenience, pick up, delivery, and logistics of handling your goods and services is done through your Wholesome NOVA Private Membership Association relationship.  No items (goods or services) are intended for Public use.  All sales are Private and Final upon ordering (not delivery).


HE/SHE is aware that Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, milk, or eggs may increase my risk of food-borne illness, especially if I have a medical condition.


HE/SHE is NOT aware of any medical condition that would prevent them or their family from eating or using raw, unprocessed or natural foods, including but not limited to raw milk from grass based dairy or other raw dairy foods, from goats, sheep, cattle etc.


HE/SHE agrees to this Disclaimer-Indemnity Clause:  Wholesome NOVA membership is for educated Citizens, who desire to and are pursuing their God given, inalienable rights, and/or are pursuing their own happiness, guaranteed by both the federal and state constitutions, and/or are seeking a better quality of life.


HE/SHE certifies to have personally researched/studied and understands and agrees that there are inherent risks in growing, raising, selling, sharing, cooking, and eating raw foods, including raw milk, raw cream, raw butter, raw yogurt, kefir and cheese etc., yet I still want to get food as close to nature as possible.


HE/SHE is not acting under color of law to entrap, hurt, prosecute, or otherwise trespass/and/or and gather information for any agency, corporation, person or other entity to in any way negatively affect the Wholesome NOVA Association, its board of directors, members, or its farmers.


HE/SHE understands that this is a small family farm, and small family artisans providing products.  Making artisan products and offering natural goods comes with variations and their own fluctuations in taste, color, texture week to week.  Any products that are "bad" or "not right" can be credited, just let us know how you feel about the batch and we will work it out!


THEREFORE: Each party hereby fully indemnifies the other parties of any wrongdoing, that may arise from their interaction with Wholesome NOVA LLC including its president, board of directors and contractors, private farmer members, other community members or guests.



By signing below you agree to receive email communications from Wholesome NOVA, LLC and acknowledge that any account that unsubscribes from email marketing messages may be disabled by the account administrator at their discretion.  It is very important that we remain in contact with each other through this food buying club member partnership.  Email through subscription lists is the easiest way to do this.



By typing your name into the ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE field below, you are signing this Agreement electronically and you agree that your electronic signature is the legal equivalent of your manual signature on this Agreement and you consent to be legally bound by the Wholesome NOVA, LLC Membership Terms and Conditions and Email Communications Agreement above.


MEMBERSHIP REFUND POLICY:  Because different membership Time-Based Pricing Tiers are available to choose from, there will be no prorated values or refunds offered on memberships purchased through this website.  Your membership is a final purchase acknowledged by having read this agreement and understand the terms, conditions, and partnership we are establishing through joining the membership.  If you wish to cancel, please remember to do so before your membership renews.  If your membership renews, on any time based tier payment plan, it is our agreement that you intended to continue with wholesome nova.  For refund requests on your membership, please refer to the earlier statement and be sure to understand - there are no refunds on membership.  Even if this means you move, decide the food is not for you, or get hit with a recurring charge because you forgot to cancel.


NOTE for those short term tier upgrades to longer term membership requests -- If you first purchase a short term membership and wish to upgrade to an annual (or longer tier plan, which is cheaper per week), you must cancel your current tier, and then join again on a longer term.  It is recommended to cancel your current term the week it is due to renew, and then rejoin using a longer term option.  This gives you the best value.  The short term rates will not apply towards a longer membership time table, and remember there are no refunds on membership.  It is up to you to decide what time plan works best, and also up to you to cancel.  Memberships are no longer only processed once a year.  Your membership will renew and charge every time your start date cycles again, based on the tier chosen, forever, indefinitely, until cancelled.  This means if you select weekly, you will be continually charged weekly until you cancel, even if that results in paying more over the year time frame than if you had selected the annual based tier in the first place.  There is no upgrade, only a restart of a new membership time table tier. 


NOTE on cancellations - If your membership is cancelled before you receive an order of products from one week unto the next, you are waiving your right to take receipt of those items.  Please make every effort to ensure our recurring membership payment goes through.  If you change Credit Card numbers, it may be updated in your account page.  If you wish to cancel membership, please remember to do so before your recurring membership charges your credit card.  You may reach out to me directly, or do it yourself on your membership "manage membership" page link.


Note on Delivery Drop Site Host Respect - Please remember that each site host is a private member of the group and expects their property to be treated as well or better than your own.  We are welcomed into each other’s houses to share the nutrient dense fresh food.  Please make every effort to keep the location safe, clean, without breakage, spillage, and clean up if you do.  Your site host is there to help you!  If you will be late, or missing items, let them and I know as soon as possible.


Note on Substitutions Info when picking up - There are NO SUBSTITUTIONS allowed on pick up days (example 2 half gallons to make up for a single 1 gallon).  Every item is accounted for with each member’s order.  If there is a packing or delivery mistake, we will work it out.  Taking substituted items makes it harder to track down the mistake and shorts more than one person in the process.


Note on Not Picking Up Your Order and Lack of Payment or Dispute - if for ANY REASON you do not take food ordered from your drop, you agree to not dispute via payment method, the store, credit card, or any other method of requesting a refund.  We are a Private Membership Organization, and we respect each other as a team working towards the same goals in the name of sustainable food and friendship.  Not picking your food on time is not grounds for not paying.  We must be on the same page that this food is your food once paid for, and it is up to you to coordinate pick up.  The issues with pick up include, but are not limited to - arriving early, arriving late, or just choosing not to take something.  This is unacceptable behavior and grounds for dismissal from the group without refund on food and membership fees already paid.  If your food is not picked up on time, it becomes the property of wholesome nova to donate it as we see fit and applicable.  Site hosts make every effort to keep your food available for later pick up, communication together is key.  Please make every effort to talk to me, and your site host if you are going to be late.


Note on Exceptions to Non-Payment - There are two exceptions to this rule - if your food is miss packaged to the wrong drop site, or another member grabs it by mistake, you agree to work it out with wholesome nova and not dispute the charges via the banking system.  I will make every effort to get the food to you or I will provide store credit.  By agreeing to these terms, you agree to receive a store credit in lieu of credit card, paypal, shopify, or any other form of return payment.  If you choose to dispute, this will be seen as grounds for dismissal based on unacceptable behavior and you waive your rights to refund of any type for the paid food and membership fees already paid.  Be very clear on this point - this and the former specific clause regarding disputes, will be highlighted and provided to the banking institution for reference in any case or request for refund brought forward.  Signing this agreement below and paying for membership, fully acknowledges your understanding of this requirement and your agreement to waive rights in a non-payment case situation.


One last note on this - if you arrive early and have driven a long way to get there, I understand waiting and making two trips is a pain and a lot of effort.  I'm sorry.  This happens though as we're dealing with natural products, and delivery cycles that are impacted by various issues, not to mention bugs / errors / glitches / or typos in the order process which may indicate delivery is earlier than it actually is.  It is possible we need a backup driver and the route is backwards that day, making last first, and first last, throwing off your usual pick up scheduled.  However, by signing this agreement it acknowledges your responsibility to follow the driver's progress and communicate for accurate time frames of the drop offs.  If all of these extra rules are too difficult to follow or not your cup of tea, then it's ok, we are not a great fit for each other, and I can help you find sustainable agriculture in another group.


Final Note on Delivery Time Frames. - They vary. Often times it is very accurate and consistent, but other times it takes longer to get around.  The drop number is typically the order in which things are delivered.  Delivery usually begins at 9 am and generally ends at 3 pm.  This means if you are drop 1, you should be good to go at 9, but if you are drop 7, you probably need to wait until mid day, and drop 14 has to wait until after 3 as your food will not be there at 9 am given the delivery loop.  You can follow this information and progress of delivery on the private facebook group or you may contact me directly.  We're having a lot of issues with this delivery time thing, so I needed to add an extra paragraph of fine print to clear it up for the future questions.


Thank you for becoming a Wholesome NOVA member!  I know you will enjoy the farms bounty of fresh products raised on healthy organic land with holistic animal practices.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me, thank you, Morgan

SUMMARY of TERMS and CONDITIONS of which you Agree To Follow:

Reminder 1 - All Items and Services are for PRIVATE use only.

Reminder 2 - All Memberships are processed using RECURRING charges and it is up to the purchaser to cancel their membership PRIOR to being charged for the next time frame.

Reminder 3 - If you cancel your recurring membership within 48 hours of signing up, it will NOT allow you to order.  The system takes time to process the back end.  If you cancel like this (paying via CC on paypal, but cancelling before it labels you a member), you are responsible to cover all fees to receive store credit and can sign up again.

Reminder 4 - No Disputes through credit card or payment gateways will be approved.  All rights are agreed to be waived for payment refunds of any type, none will be approved without written communications regarding the issue by me personally and directly.  All rights are waived to processing refunds via paypal, credit card, shopify, or other banking institutional means of cancelling payment and disputing reasons for any goods or services rendered, even if those goods and services were not received.

Reminder 5 – Delivery is THURSDAYS with No Set Time due to fluctuations of traffic and delivery load.  Pick up on time is your responsibility and not the site hosts to hold your food.  Though we make every effort to support you and hold your items until you are able to get them.

Reminder 6 – Ordering window is Thursday through Sunday night.  No late orders are available after the cut off.  Please don’t be late.

Sorry for all of the extra fine print here.  As we grow together I am finding that not everyone is on the same page with how our group is meant to function, and I need to be extra clear.  Any questions or concerns over these terms? Please talk to me first before proceeding.


Updated December 6th, 2022. 

Terms can and may change after you have initially signed up for membership. The updated terms will apply to all members, regardless of start date of joining the membership.  If you wish to have the latest copies, please look on the website or contact me directly to discuss.  Thank you, Morgan


Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, milk or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.  Please click here for instructions on how to pasteurize raw milk.

Not all products are approved by any government agencies - examples include but are not limited to PDA, USDA, FDA, VDACS, MDA, etc.

Nothing is for Public Sale to General Consumers. Not intended for wholesale, retail, resale, distribution, warehousing, or the public food chain market.

All sales are Private and Final.