Chicken FRESH - Tenderloin

Yes.  These are the chickens we saw at farm day in the yard pens.  How awesome is that!

FRESH Butchered this weekend, Brined in a salt bath for a just a few days for enhanced flavor, juicyness, and texture.

THIS PRODUCT - is Fresh (if you want frozen, use the other product (just regular chicken)

cluck cluck, chicken that is soy free, running around outside, on pasture after 4 weeks of age in portable pens. Laying hens are fed organic soy free food and are let out on pasture roaming except for winter months. Packs are close to under 5 lbs to 6 lbs.

$7 / lb for whole brined FRESH chicken - (does not come with any innards - heart, liver, gizzard for sale under the regular product, frozen)

boneless breast 13,

bone-in breast 10,

tenderloin 18, charging 1 lb temporary weight

wings 6,

leg thigh 8,

carcass 5, charging 5 lbs temporary weight

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