Yogurt Smoothie

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yogurt smoothie made at low temperature from cow

UNSWEET now available as an option here, rather than a separate product.


The farmer takes the yogurt that is regular and adds in the flavor - strawberries, berry blend, tropical blend.  First image is just for color pop looks, actual berry blend and tropical are included in the pictures.

each of these flavor adders is basically fruit - 1/2 cup and 2 tbs maple syrup per quart, and celtic salt that is added.  the yogurt is whipped or stirred significantly.  If you are already aware, the farmer's yogurt is rather "thin" - this is because the milk is not heated beyond regular yogurt making temperatures.  about 110.  commercial or thicker yogurt is heated over 180 often times, not only to kill everything, but also it assists in coagulating the milk, so the resulting yogurt is thicker.  

 SWEET! - You have the choice to have the Maple Syrup or not (unsweet) - half a cup of fruit plus 2 tbs of maple syrup. 

doTerra essential oil flavors the Lemon and Wild Orange, is just a few drops in the whole quart.

Organic Berry Blend mix, and farm grown blueberries or strawberries for the other mixes.


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