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here you will discover a personal relationship to an amish farmer family, where their hard work brings farm to table nutrient dense delicious 100% grassfed, A2/A2, naturally organic, fresh raw dairy from cows, goats, and sheep.

the grazing animals are always grassfed, never grain supplemented or finished meats from livestock beef, pork, goat, and lamb.

all poultry is Free from Soy, and the eggs are currently Soy AND Corn free. poultry that is free range, outdoors, and always 100% soy free birds such as chicken, duck, and turkey. the eggs are handpicked, unwashed, from soy free, pastured, beyond organically raised chickens and ducks.

additional artesian products are available ranging from kombucha, beet kvass, handmade breads, cheeses, chocolate bars, potato chips, and on site grown, harvested, threshed, einkorn wheat - ground, berries, or puffed.

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