Beef Ground

beef that is pasture-raised, fattened on a total grass diet.  no grain ever! 

  1. The latest beef is from Fall 2022.  They are vacuum packaged.  $8.74 / lb
  2. beef >1 year is from --- not avail -- cows.  They are vacuum packaged, (which lasts excellently for a long time in this frozen air tight state), and are on 5% discount.  $7.55 / lb -- sold out
  3. note on dates - you can read the Julian date on your package quite easily.  out of the 5 numbers, the first 2 are the year, and last three are the actualy counted day of that year.  example - 20001 is Jan 1st, of 2020.  19365 is Dec 31st of 2019.

 All prices below are $/lb.  The packages keep coming just over 1 lb - 1.01 to 1.06.  This is causing negative credits for many of you.  I am going to change the Purchase Sale price to be 1.1 lbs worth, so you get money back each week, and I don't need to keep asking you for a true-up balance.  This really helps with paperwork.  (example.  7.95 * 1.10 is purchase of 8.75.  if your meat comes in 1.05 lbs, you will get back 40 cents in credit)

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