Buttermilk From Making Butter (uncultured)

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Uncultured.  actually the by-product of making butter.

I have since learned that CULTURED Buttermilk is really just MILK with the same culture used in Sour Cream, Buttermilk and Cultured Butter.  it's just milk left at cow temp, cultured, left out for 24 hours in room temp (slightly warmer), and then refrigerated to slow down the culture.

UN cultured buttermilk is the actual left over milk water product that comes from separating heavy cream into BUTTER and "its milk" - that is not cultured.  (they tried it but it doesnt taste the same, so it's not the same as making pancakes and those things).  I am going to make "regular" buttermilk into a separate product.

however... there IS sometimes "cultured" buttermilk left over... if they are making Cultured butter.  The cream is cultured (like sour cream) and then churned into butter- making cultured butter with left over water milky that is by definition i guess cultured buttermilk.  so if you want THAT cultured buttermilk... then i am leaving one product in here for that or you can contact me.  

Traditional Buttermilk is the whey left over from the butter making process, full of naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria that ferment the cream prior to churning and make a viscous acidic milk drink "buttermilk". ... It should be called "Fermented Milk" or "Sour Milk".


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