Chicken FRESH - Tenderloin

Yes.  These are the chickens we saw at farm day in the yard pens.  How awesome is that!

FRESH Butchered this weekend OCTOBER 17TH and the next OCTOBER 24th.

Brined in a salt bath for a few days

Delivery October 22nd and October 29th - THIS PRODUCT - is Fresh (if you want frozen, use the other product (just regular chicken)

cluck cluck, chicken that is soy free, running around outside, on pasture after 4 weeks of age in portable pens. Laying hens are fed organic soy free food and are let out on pasture roaming except for winter months. Packs are close to under 5 lbs to 6 lbs.

$7 / lb for whole brined FRESH chicken - (does not come with any innards - heart, liver, gizzard for sale under the regular product, frozen)

boneless breast 13, bone in breast 10, tenderloin 18, wings 6, leg thigh 8

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