Farm Day - Sat. May 14th 2022

Farm Day - Sat. May 14th 2022

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Farm Day is upon us!  This is a Free Event thanks to your membership with wholesome nova in supporting our Amish farmer family.

10 AM to 12 PM - Tour the farm to see the milking area, cows, goats, fields, chickens, and so on.

Farm Pot Luck Lunch around Noon.

Wrap up, buy some stuff (bring coolers / ice / bags for your travels), leave around to 2 or 3 pm.

This is where our farmer opens his doors for us to join him for a pot luck lunch as well as a tour of his family's farm and operations.  Not only do you get to meet his entire herd of cows, but also his lovely family too! 

(oh, masks are not required or enforced, you can do whatever you like though for your own interest)

(maybe bring blankets, and chairs if you like to sit in the yard and soak up the sun.  we typically sit on the coolers and use paper plates for lunch.)

We all bring a big (double that recipe!) dish - side dish, starter dish, dessert dish, main dish, any dish, salad dish, fruit dish, bread dish, lots of dishes - to share like a Pot Luck Picnic.

Our Farmer typically prepares the main meat dish - we will most likely have Chicken and Hot Dogs available. 

There is a huge spread of all the cheeses, dried meats, and meat sticks, and plenty of dairy to sample (chocolate, egg nog, milk, kefir, yogurt smoothies), kombuchas, water kefirs, and dont forget beet kavass.  The water on the farm out of the well is crystal clear and refreshing.  All family members are welcome to join in a kid-friendly romp around the pasture and cow kissing (if they let you).

The best part for me, besides my kids trying to catch and hold a chicken, is the sampling of all of our Farmer's products.  From Kombucha to Chocolate Milk, Heavy Cream to Beef Jerky, it is an excellent time to branch out and try new products to add to your pantry.

 Bring your coolers with ice to take home products you've sampled and enjoy!  There will be a 10% discount on all farm orders taken home from the farm this day.  I will take note of the orders and charge you later.  It is too complicated to purchase and handle money or online orders on the farm.

 please "buy for free" this "product" to register for farm day.  i need to get a head count to properly prepare the lunch volume.  

any questions - reach out to me - thanks! hope to see you and the family this NEXT (May 14th) Saturday.

if you dont already have the address, i'll send that out the week of.