Farm Day - Sat. May 18th 2024

Farm Day - Sat. May 18th 2024

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Subject: Join Us for Farm Day!

Dear members,

Farm Day is here! Thanks to your membership with Wholesome Nova, we invite you to support our Amish farmer family at this free event.

Event Details:

  • 10 AM to 12 PM: Tour the farm and explore the milking area, cows, goats, fields, chickens, and more.
  • 12 PM Noon (ish): Gather for a Farm Pot Luck Lunch until 2 PM, where you can sample a variety of products.
  • Wrap Up and Hang Out: Feel free to purchase items (remember to bring coolers, ice, and bags for your travels). Most attendees typically leave around 2 or 3 PM.

During Farm Day, our farmer opens his doors for a potluck lunch and a tour of his family’s farm and operations. You’ll have the opportunity to meet the entire herd of cows and his lovely family.

Many attendees bring blankets for outdoor seating or their own lawn/folding chairs to enjoy the sun. We usually sit on coolers and use paper plates for lunch.

Potluck Contribution:

  • Bring a generous dish (double/triple/quad that recipe!) to share. Side dishes, starters, desserts, main courses, salads, fruits, bread—you name it!
  • Our farmer typically prepares the main meat dish (expect Chicken and Hot Dogs).

Explore a delightful spread of cheeses, dried meats, meat sticks, dairy samples (chocolate, egg nog, milk, kefir, yogurt smoothies), kombuchas, water kefirs, and beet kvass.

And don’t miss the crystal-clear, refreshing well water on tap!

All family members are welcome to join in this wholesome community event. We look forward to seeing you there!

Reminder about Amish Culture - they are conservative in their dress and expression.  there will be no alcohol and no music.  Reach out with questions.

Best regards,