moo, fresh milk from Grass Fed, A2 Cows,

*** COLOR of CAPS *** - sometimes in the past we had GREEN, recently it's been YELLOW, and now switching to RED or PINK caps.  Curently ORANGE caps for 2023 right now.  It can (and will) end up switching again.  

*** reminder of other colors *** - BLUE is goat milk almost always.   WHITE is SKIM or WHEY.  they will have that word written on them.  RED often was for Buttermilk, Chocolate Milk, Egg Nog and things like that, which get the words written on them.

 NEW GLASS JARS available for half-gallon, quart, and a pint.  PLEASE remember to wash them and return them with caps so that we can continue to keep the price down and make this available.

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