Water Kefir - multiple flavors avail

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water kefir, new!  and amazing! the first flavor is lemon-lime ginger.

ingredients are only water, white organic cane sugar, kefir grains, lemon and lime slices.  baking soda (aluminum-free of course) and molasses.  the kefir brews, then after filtered out grains, fresh grated ginger is added.  

this tastes like the REAL Ginger-Ale you dream of.

only coming in quart jars (the half gallon is TBD, but more difficult for getting ginger in so he wants to stay with quarts)

 new flavors - ginger and tumeric.   apple juice (still half as much ginger added), and blue berry juice (with a little ginger).  organic ingredients for the apple juice and blue berry juice

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