Pumpkins - Jack-O'-Lanterns Heirloom

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the farm's young boys are growing pumpkins to raise some of their own cash.

perfect for eating, carving, decoration, blowing up, sinking, growing, coloring, wearing, making into houses for mice, or schools for ants.

there are two types - the main is the heirloom variety Connecticut field.  excellent for jack-o-lantern or pumpkin pie or just big decorations.   pounders range from 7 to 21 lbs. 

these are .60 cent a lb!!!!

that's a pretty fair deal on pumpkins! and you get them straight organic from the farm.

PRE PAY at the "max weight" then i'll credit back.

the second are the smaller ornamental type, about 1/2 lb each, 2 for 1. dollar.  all the money goes to the boys, so buy them up!

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