Pumpkins - Long Island Cheese Heirloom

Pumpkins - Long Island Cheese Heirloom

the farm's young boys are growing pumpkins to raise some of their own cash.

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin is a medium-sized, tan heirloom pumpkin cultivar from Long Island (NY, USA). These pumpkins have a pale pastel creamy-yellow rind, rather like a big wheel of cheese. Each pumpkin weighs in the range of 6-10 pounds usually, these are 8 to 12 right now! This variety is popular for pies and is also a great long-term storage pumpkin.

smooth tan skin. great for pie, unique falldecoration.

8 to 12 lbs, these are .75 cent a lb!!!!

PRE PAY at the "max weight" of estimated 5 lbs, then i'll credit back.

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